‘I’m lovin’ it’: Myrtle Beach couple renews vows at local McDonald’s

In an effort to say “I’m lovin’ it” for life, a Myrtle Beach couple renewed their vows at a local McDonald’s last weekend.

According to a news release from the Dalton Agency, representing McDonald’s, officials said Gunner Beery and Mary Ann Geiger celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal at a North Myrtle Beach McDonald’s.

The ceremony took place at the restaurant on Main Street with friends and family in attendance.

Officials say the vows included past and present McDonald’s slogans and product names that reinforeced the “I’m lovin it” theme.

To add to the atmosphere, the restaurant was decorated with sausage burrito tissue paper flowers, McCafe’s seasonal red cup vases, and McDonald’s balloons. The happy couple was also decked out in red and yellow.

After the ceremony, guests dug in to a catered McDonald’s meal and cake, followed by live music, including songs like “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” “Hungry Like a Wolf,” and “Ice Ice Baby.”

This wasn’t the first vow renewal for this couple though. Every year since 1990, they’ve renewed their vows somewhere different.

Past picks have included spots in England, the Caribbean, a Las Vegas drive-thru, and Gilligan’s Island.

The couple decided on McDonald’s this year because it’s where they go every day for breakfast and coffee, the release said.

“I visit McDonald’s everyday, so my wife doesn’t have to feed me,” said Beery. “It’s where we meet our friends, and where we all hang out drinking coffee and catching up. The manager is so great to us, and we were thrilled to host the renewal at his McDonald’s.”

Next year, they’re planning a trip to an ice hotel in Iceland–“Ice Ice Baby” indeed.

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