In Charlotte, body cams not required for moonlighting police

CHARLOTTE, NC (AP) — Charlotte is among the cities identified in an Associated Press review that shows many of the country’s biggest cities don’t require body cameras for officers who moonlight in their uniforms at security jobs.

An Associated Press review of the nation’s 20 biggest cities finds that just five have rules mandating body cameras for uniformed officers doing work outside their regular hours. It’s common for officers to earn extra money working for private employers ranging from hospitals to nightclubs.

Charlotte began using body cameras in 2015. Off-duty officers not required to use them while moonlighting.

Lt. David Moorefield said the department eventually wants uniformed officers working second jobs have the cameras, but a main concern is whether the batteries will last beyond their normal shift.

Susanna Birdsong is a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union in North Carolina. She says uneven use of the cameras is setting up police agencies for controversy.

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