Isaias knocks out power forcing shut down of Brunswick Nuclear Plant reactor

SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — When Hurricane Isaias made landfall late Monday night near the North and South Carolina line, it knocked out power to the region including a major line providing power to the nuclear plant near Southport.

Karen Williams, a spokesperson for Brunswick Nuclear Plant, told WWAY the line that provides power into the plant was taken out by the storm.

This caused a loss of off-site power to the facility.

It was declared an unusual event which is considered the lowest level designation mandated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Williams said power to one of the plant’s two reactors was shut down as a precaution. She emphasized there is no impact to the public.

She say the facility has robust procedures for bringing the reactor back online.

Power should not be impacted to customers because the utility is able to redirect power through the grid from other sources, Williams said.

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