WATCH: Principal goes viral for parody school cancellations videos

Some may call this man a lyrical genius and they may be right.

In his version of Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places,” he takes a jab at the panic that arises when people hear the word “snow” – hint, it involves milk and bread – and how teens are obsessed with posting “lame” Instagram pictures.

“Well, the forecast was clear, Snowmageddon was near. Go get your milk and your bread … ‘Cause I got friends in snow places with their frozen toes and their frozen faces on this snow day … Stay inside and play some Netflix, sleep the whole day away, Instagram some lame pics …”

But he didn’t stop there. In his latest parody, Caddell channeled Taylor Swift.

“Weatherman, he’s saying wind chills dropped up in this place, rub chapstick all over your face. School is closed. That’s the case … Oh no … ”

Caddell was a music major in college and said has an appreciation for every type of music.

And Caddell said doesn’t write the lyrics in advance; he’s more of an under-the-gun creative person, WLOS reports.

Combined, his videos have more than one million views and many students and parents wishing that had a principal like him.

“I am going to start following this page so I can keep up on the snow day’s, even though I live in Phoenix Arizona and did I mention I don’t have (cough) kid’s …,” commented on Facebook user.

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