Kure Beach residents discuss living with coyotes

KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Coyote sightings are becoming more common in Kure Beach, worrying some residents. Monday night, a meeting was held to educate the public about the animals, and how to coexist with them.

Some came genuinely concerned about the dangers of coyotes in their town. Others came to defend the animals, saying this is their home too.

“If those animals frighten you, or you’re concerned about your pets, or things like that, you want that animal to feel like this isn’t a safe place to be,” said wildlife biologist Chris Kent.

Kent says there are several ways to deter coyotes from coming on to your property.

“Making loud noises, open up your door and yell and scream at them. Throw something at them, spray them with a garden hose if you happen to be near one in your yard,” said Kent.

Kent and two other representatives of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission came to Kure Beach Monday to educate the public about coyotes, after residents reported seeing and hearing them more often.

Kent says the main thing that attracts any wild animal onto your property is food.

“Cleaning your grills regularly so they don’t smell like delicious steak and chicken and seafood, things that would attract wildlife,” said Kent. “Securing your trash cans, if you compost and save food scraps, don’t just have a designated place in your backyard where you dump all your food scraps, actually have a container.”

The meeting was organized in part by former Kure Beach mayor Mac Montgomery. He says the population of coyotes is growing, but the number is limited by the size of the island.

“It takes a cooperative effort to deal with the situation and that we all come out ahead. And that we recognize that wildlife can be a part of our existence here,” said Montgomery.

Kent suggested going outside with your pet at night to keep them safe. He also discussed the possibility of hunting or trapping coyotes where that is allowed. Click here for more information on what resources are available.

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