‘Large influx’ in gym memberships during January

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —  It’s a new year and many of you may have taken on some resolutions.

One of the most popular resolution is to become more healthier or lose weight.

Devin Meece, Membership Consultant at O2 Fitness at Mayfaire, says the number of people who join the gym in January compared to any other month is like night and day.

“January for us is huge,” said Meece. “It’s huge for people.”

Gym member Amber Ray says she has not been too good about attending the gym regularly, but wanted to start fresh this year.

“My goals are to get healthier, and I guess to lose weight,” said Ray.

According to statisticbrain.com, fewer than 50 percent of those who make a resolution stick with it past six months.

“It tends to taper off a little bit, and I think some of that is because people try to do things on their own, and they get discouraged,” said Meece.

He says bring a friend or go to a group class for motivation.

“Join with a friend, get involved with group classes, make friends, because they are going to hold you more accountable to what you want to do,” said Meece.

Ray says having something there for support is key for her.

“I normally bring a friend with me,” said Ray. “They motivate me more.”

Meece said it’s important to keep up your momentum.

“Anything you do that is different is going to be uncomfortable, so I suggest to commit to at least two weeks of trying to get through that threshold of being a little bit sore, not feeling great, because once you push pass that, it becomes a lifestyle,” said Meece.

He adds he hopes to see more people stick to their resolution and stay until next New Year’s.

“Hopefully I keep going,” said Ray.

According to a survey by gobankingrates.com, “enjoy life to the fullest” was the number one New Year’s resolution for 2016 followed by “live a healthier lifestyle”.

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