Lawmakers propose tax for beach nourishment

BRUNSWICK COUNTY (WWAY) — If you are a tourist or a resident in Brunswick County headed to a restaurant for a meal, you could soon pay 10 cents for every $20 bill.

Rep. Deb Butler and Rep Frank Iler are pushing House Bill 17 to keep tourist money local.

If passed, the tax will be used for beach re-nourishment or public infrastructure projects.
The goal is to have tourists pay for the sand.

This would be a local option for municipalities within the county since, few towns have resources to pay for this need.

Last session, almost two years ago, Southport and Oak Island asked for this tax.

“Our beaches don’t get sales tax back in proportion to their summer time population but, yet, one town of 600 sends in over $10 million in sales tax and gets back $130, 000,” said Rep. Frank Iler.

This bill has a long time before impacting any pockets. The next step is for HB17 to be heard before the finance committee.

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