Lawyer for local woman involved in Roy Moore alleged misconduct controversy speaks out

HOOVER, ALABAMA (WWAY) – Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore has no intentions of stepping down following the allegations of sexual misconduct published in The Washington Post.

Three women make claims when Moore was in his 30s as an up in coming judiciary in Alabama, he pursued them when at the time they were all teenagers.

Gloria Deason told the Post she went on dates with Moore in 1979, when he was 32 and she was 18. Deason told the Post that Moore ordered her alcoholic drinks even though she was under the legal drinking age.

Moore claims these allegations are an attempt to topple his run for the Senate.

“In the next few days, there will be revelations about the motivations and the content of this article,” Moore said at a Saturday event. “They will be brought to the public. We fully expect the people of Alabama to see through this charade.”

Deason’s attorney, Paula Cobia, fired back releasing a statement, “On behalf of my client, Ms. Deason, I publicly demand that Roy Moore immediately retract his defamatory statements.”

Moore’s opponent has been outspoken about the allegations only adding to Moore’s arguments that he is being targeted.

Cobia says Deason has no affiliation with either the Republican or the Democratic party, and has never contacted Moore’s election opponent, Democrat Doug Jones.

“He knows full well why these women did not tell what he did to them before this week,” said Cobia in her statement.

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