Life Rolls On host They Will Surf Again event at Carolina Beach

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) —  Life Rolls on hosted their 10th annual They Will Surf Again program at Carolina Beach today.

This is an event for individuals with spinal cord injuries or disabilities to surf.

“I’ve always loved the beach and this was an opportunity to get back to it,” event attendee Christina Ladd said.

An opportunity for those who thought they might never get back in the water.

Organizers like Kevin Murphy said he looks forward to this event all year long.

“This takes 364 days to plan, so it’s kinda like waiting for Christmas each year, so when this day comes it’s pretty amazing,” Murphy said.

Most of us might not think going to the beach is an obstacle, but it’s not always as easy as grabbing a towel for some.

Ladd said she hasn’t been back in the sand since 2012, due to a motorcycle accident that left her wheelchair bound.

“First time back at the beach, first time back in the water ever, and I’m surfing for the first time ever. So this is really, really cool,” Ladd said.

Murphy said events like this give people with spinal cord injuries the feeling of flying through the water.

Along with other volunteers, Murphy was out in the water helping others ‘shred’ some waves with or without surfing experience.

“Some are former surfers, some are surfers that have been in an accident and are now back to surfing and getting into the water again. Some people it’s their very first time ever,” Murphy said.

Leaving many with a surfing lesson they will never forget.

Murphy said they had a total of 75 surfers today and they were able to get everyone out in the water on a surfboard.

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