Local Buddhist monk reacts to Thai cave rescue

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — The world waited patiently as each child was saved from the cave in Thailand. For one Buddhist monk, he was ecstatic to hear they were safe.

“Feel good. Really happy,” Phra Vidhuradhammaporn said.

Vidhuradhammaporn is an abbot originally from Thailand, living in Brunswick County at the Thai Buddhist Monastery in Bolivia. He closely followed the updates about the kids. He says one major belief in Buddhism is that the actions in a past life will affect you in your next life.

“Bad karma in the past can be diluted by the new karma. But in actuality, you need enough power. Even with one drop or two drop, it’s not enough. You need to mix it with more and more power,” Vidooradhammaporn said.

He believes the Thai students were trapped in the cave initially because of bad karma in a previous life. But everyone working to save them generated good karma.

“It changed. It became a good thing happened. Cause and effect. The law of karma,” Vidhuradhammaporn said.

Vidhuradhammaporn says he and others prayed for their safety and this was only possible because of how much effort everyone put in, bringing balance to the situation.

“Good karma. That many people helped to do it. Helped the group of the boys,” Vidhuradhammaporn said.

The Abbot was actually up late almost every night to see the latest information about the boys, so it was a relief to him when he saw they were all saved.

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