Wilmington cafe uses brewery’s leftovers to whip up dog treats

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s been a doggone good day for pups across the country as we celebrate National Dog Day. Businesses in the Cape Fear are trying to make it even better coming together to make dog treats.

Edward Teach Brewery and the Brooklyn Cafe have teamed up to make dog biscuits. Over the past year the brewery has been sending their left over grain down the street to the bakery, where they have crafted up some tasty tried four our four legged friends.

“We’re neighbors, so we frequent back and forth a lot, we go over there and get coffee and beignets in the morning,”says Edward Teach Tap Room Manager Amy Walker. “So, we thought it would probably be a good idea if we collaborated somehow and gave them some of our spent grains to make some yummy dog treats.”

It is a long process to turn the grain into dog treats, but over the past few months they have perfected the recipe. What started out as a simple idea has now turned into routine stops from their canine customers.

“It started out as something small, but it got to be a regular thing,”says Brooklyn Cafe Owner Rodney Robbins. “So, we have a lot of dogs that stop by routinely and actually I know the dogs names before I know the owners names generally.”

The two businesses don’t plan on stopping their partnership or production anytime soon. They say their love for dogs runs deep and this is just one way they can treat the Cape Fear community.

“We are really dog friendly, we love it when people bring their dogs in here,”Walker says. “So, to be able to do something like that, to be apart of something, it just makes us feel great.”

If you are interested in a treat for your dog, you can visit the Brooklyn Cafe on 4th street in Wilmington.

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