Locals bike from Wilmington to Washington State

Wilmington, NC (WWAY) — Imagine getting bored enough to bike 3,576 miles.

That’s exactly what Sara Hittle and Arden Williams did biking from Wilmington. It took them three and a half months to get to their final destination, Washington state.

The couple cycled through 14 states. They camped, ate at diners, and relied on the kindness of strangers to get through.

They were met with several challenges along the way, and documented them all on their instagram: @twowheelinkooks.

But with the pandemic keeping everyone at home and nothing going on, the couple says they wouldn’t trade their adventure for the world:

“It was a pretty incredible way to see the country,” Hittle says. “We felt like everything was at a stand still, so we weren’t really missing out on a whole bunch. We came back and we were like, we didn’t really miss anything. Nothing changed. Nothing changed. The world was right back were it was.”

Though it might seem like something of this magnitude would take months of preparation, the tow say they bought all their gear in one night. They borrowed one bike and bought another from Good Will.

They say the spur of the moment decision changed their lives for the better.

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