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Bike business speeding up through coronavirus crisis

The Wilmington community is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic as is the rest of the nation. Families have been cooped up for days and it's leading residents outdoors. 

Humpday Health: Bike racing benefits come from training

Last week we told you some of the health benefits of riding a bike, this week we're going to turn things up a notch.

Humpday Health: Biking to be healthy

If you're looking for an excuse to get out and enjoy these warm summer days, grab your helmet and hit the road.

Brunswick County hosts state mountain bike race

Hundreds of mountain bikers from all over the state made their way to the Brunswick Nature Park this weekend for a tournament that took a little over two years to plan.

Homeless man bikes across country for Veterans and Their Pets

One homeless veteran is making a difference one pedal at a time. Harold Palmquist and his sidekick Daisy are biking across the country to raise awareness for the organization, Veterans and Their Pet

Leland leaders to vote on Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan

Tomorrow town leaders in Leland will meet to discus a finalized plan to create a Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan for the town.

Pedaling for a purpose: just a man, his pup, and a rubber chicken

He is not just your average man biking across the country, he is a man on a mission to raise awareness for animal shelters across the nation.

Public weighs in on regional transportation plan

Residents of Brunswick County are getting a detailed look at how getting around town may change over the next few decades.

Registration for 38th Annual YMCA Triathlon underway

Registration is underway for the 38th Annual Wilmington Family YMCA Triathlon.

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