Man remains in isolation off the coast at NC’s Frying Pan Tower

FRYING PAN TOWER, NC (WTVD) — It’s hard enough these days when authorities urge everyone to spend most days and nights at home. But it’s even tougher when you’re under quarantine.

That’s the situation facing Richard Neal as he works about 30 miles off the North Carolina coast, inside the Frying Pan Tower. That’s the decommissioned lighthouse where media show live pictures of a storm-battered American flag during severe weather.

He retrieves those flags when the winds die down, he says, “Some of which you’ll probably see hanging on the walls around here that have flown on the tower.”

So, why is he quarantined?:

“Just because the company that I work for sent all of their workers home. And because of our fantastic internet connection, we shoot to shore and I can do my remote work, 9 to 5 out here, just the same as if I’m sitting in my apartment” back home in Charlotte, he said.

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