Meeting discusses wastewater discharge into Brunswick River

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — H2GO is seeking a permit to release wastewater into the Brunswick River. People on both sides of the issue came prepared to defend their stances tonight in front of the Division of Environmental Quality who will take everything into consideration before making a decision on the permit.

“So tonight’s meeting is mainly for the permit for discharge of wastewater. It’s not about whether the plant is a good idea or not a good idea. It’s for the permit that is going to allow us to let wastewater flow into the river,” said H2GO spokesman Tyler Wittkofsky.

“The solution to pollution is dilution,” said William Beer of Leland. “So my concern is it’s another pollutant another stream going into an already impaired waterway.”

But not everyone is against the discharge. A number of people spoke in favor of it tonight.

“We’ve actually got Dr. Merritt with the UNCW Bio Marine program coming to speak on our behalf. We spoke with the Lower Cape Fear River Watch and addressed all their questions to date. Many local business owners as well have expressed their support for this project,” said Wittkofsky.

Wittkofsky said the new osmosis plant will only help customers continue to get affordable and great quality water.

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