Mideastern Conference announces Fall sports awards

WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY)–The Mideastern Conference announced their All-Conference teams and awards for the fall sports season. The high school football all-conference teams will be announced once all local teams have finished playing in the post season. Below, are the selections for cross country, girls golf, girls tennis, and volleyball.

Player of the Year: Emily Crescenzi, Ashley
Coach of the Year: Ron Strickland, Hoggard
Team Sportsmanship Award: North Brunswick

First Team
Emily Crescenzi, Ashley
Jasmin Goei, Ashley
Gia Marinelli, Topsail
Gracie Sistrunk, Hoggard
Megan Tamisiea, New Hanover
Martin-Maine Wrangell, Hoggard

Second Team
Ayla Johnson, Hoggard
Aiden McGuire, Topsail
Izzy Reeves, New Hanover
Abby Tank, Hoggard
Bailey Teter, Ashley
Daija Young, Laney

Third Team
Olivia Britt, Hoggard
Alexis Dombroski, West Brunswick
Trinity Rosales, Ashley
Laney Scoggins, North Brunswick
Mya Vickers, West Brunswick
Caroline Wertheimer, New Hanover

Honorable Mention
Ashley: Izzy Browne, Carson Grace Toomer, Dani Yates, Ava Toppin
Hoggard: Riley Lepley, Tara Samtmann, Kaitlyn Hamilton
Laney: Jordan Juanes
North Brunswick: Jordyn Rascoe, Danielle Rammrath, Mackenzie Turner, Maggie West
South Brunswick: Caroline Richardson
Topsail: Julia Sullivan, Brooke Stenerson, Madison Lofton
West Brunswick: Hailey Wilson, Kayden Cupid, Leanna Mintz

Player of the Year: Grace Holcomb, Laney
Coach of the Year: Sherri Tynes, Laney
Team Sportsmanship Award: New Hanover

First Team
Sierra Cardi, Hoggard
Lindley Cox, Topsail
Reagan Creasy, Laney
Eliza Fogleman, Topsail
Grace Holcomb, Laney
Jessica Townsend, Topsail
Livy Tran, Ashley

Second Team
Amber Butner, Laney
Ashley Garrett, Topsail
Haley Goldberg, Laney
Cassidy Lytch, South Brunswick
Sarah Martin, West Brunswick
Tori Rich, South Brunswick
Hannah Travis, Hoggard

Player of the Year: Peyton Philemon, New Hanover
Coach of the Year: Jennifer Coleman, New Hanover
Team Sportsmanship Award: West Brunswick & South Brunswick

First Team
Frances Coleman, New Hanover
Kylee Edwards, Topsail
Sydney Lee, Hoggard
Peyton Philemon, New Hanover
Mary Davis Thompson, New Hanover
Elizabeth Vollmin, Hoggard

Second Team
Ann McBryde Barker, New Hanover
Mary Archer Boyd, New Hanover
Haley Hanks, Laney
Alex Lee, Hoggard
Macy Morrison, Hoggard
Simone Samuel, North Brunswick

Third Team
Elena Berg, Hoggard
Sara Frances Butler, New Hanover
Anna Haskins, Hoggard
Marci LaRowe, Topsail
Marissa Smart, South Brunswick
Olivia Swivel, Laney

Honorable Mention
Hoggard: Jenna Kyff
Laney: Airlie Buchter , Campbell Atterbury
North Brunswick: Brittany Pridgen
South Brunswick: Megan O’Brien, Payton Drake, Rebekah Schuyler, Regan Wild
Topsail: Anna Duckworth
West Brunswick: Kayla Ward, Ella Rose King, Emily Hales

Runner of the Year: Luke Scacheri, Ashley
Coach of the Year: Billy Mason, Hoggard
Team Sportsmanship Award: Entire Conference

First Team
Zachary Knott, Hoggard
Joseph Moran, Laney
Jack Phieffer, South Brunswick
Brennen Pierce, Hoggard
Luke Scacheri, Ashley
Travis Souza, Topsail
Andrew Thompson, Hoggard

Second Team
Gaines Diseker, Ashley
Christian Hosek, Hoggard
Jonah Koenig, New Hanover
William Marhold, Ashley
Evan Pena, Hoggard
Luke Ward, Hoggard
Andrew Whitehead, Hoggard

Runner of the Year: Kaitlyn Obremski, Topsail
Coach of the Year: Rhonda Schilawski, Hoggard
Team Sportsmanship: Entire Conference

First Team
Isabella Bufalini, Laney
Olivia Bufalini, Laney
Paxton Chitty, Ashley
Sarah Martin, Hoggard
Kaitlyn Obremski, Topsail
Makayla Obremski, Topsail
Molly Park, Hoggard

Second Team
Bianca Copeman, Ashley
Angelina DiBiasi, Ashley
Cecelia DiBiasi, Ashley
Sloane Fleming-Hickey, Hoggard
Natalie Fox, Ashley
Shea Hoffacker, Hoggard
Jenna Pellizzari, Hoggard

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