Mom sues Etsy claiming teething necklace strangled child

SAN BERNARDINO, CA (CBSLA) — A mother has filed a lawsuit against popular retail site Etsy after her son was strangled and killed by an item purchased off of the website.

On December 10, 2016, Deacon Morin was found dead at a childcare canter in Fontana after he was strangled to death when a necklace he was wearing around his neck tightened and did not release.

The necklace was given to his mother, Danielle Morin, as a gift by a close friend who purchased it on the website Etsy, which is described as an e-commerce site specializing in handmade items and craft supplies.

According to the online receipt, the item Morin received is described as a Baltic amber teething necklace for babies.

The product is meant to help alleviate pain for teething babies and is supposed to have a releasing safety clasp that automatically releases if anything pulls on it.

The necklace the Morins received had a screw-on clasp that could not be released when baby Deacon was caught on something, causing him to suffocate.

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