Multiple people indicted by a Brunswick County grand jury for voter fraud

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Several people are accused of committing voter fraud in Brunswick County.

According to a news release from the district attorney’s office, the North Carolina State Board of Elections began investigating multiple instances of alleged voter fraud by several people after receiving complaints from the Brunswick County Board of Elections.

District Attorney Jon David said the NCSBOE presented its findings to his office for review and charging recommendations.

Last week, investigators with the NCSBOE presented the cases to a Brunswick County grand jury. The grand jury indicted all the cases.

The DA said the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office is working to get all of the orders for arrest served.

The news release did not name those who were indicated, but the did say the defendants in these cases are of varying age, sex, race, and political affiliations.

“A common thread which connects each of these defendants is that they are all convicted felons whose voting rights have not been restored or illegal aliens” said District Attorney Jon David. “Based on my review of the comprehensive investigation I felt a responsibility to act in an effort to protect the integrity of the electoral process. I want to commend Sheriff John Ingram and investigators with the state board of elections for their professionalism, thorough work product, and their shared commitment to combat voter fraud in Brunswick County.”


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