NAACP raises concerns over voting machines

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) —  A formal complaint has been filed about voting machines in New Hanover County.

The NAACP held a news conference Tuesday evening to discuss reports of malfunctioning machines. The NAACP said this isn’t the first time in New Hanover County they’ve seen machine malfunctions in this year’s election.

At issue, three voters have said after they voted for Hillary Clinton, their ballot showed they had voted for Donald Trump.

During the news conference, the NAACP said it’s not the voters making the error. They believe the machines are malfunctioning.

The NAACP wants an investigation or the machines removed.

Barbara Highsmith said she was one of the three voters affected and has a warning for others.

“I reviewed my ballot and it was okay after my corrections,” Highsmith said. “The voting machines need to be checked. Voters you need to double check your ballot after you’re finished.”

WWAY reached out to New Hanover County Election Director Derek Bowens about the voting machines.

“Sometimes it needs to be calibrated to adjust some of the accuracy with the touch,” Bowens said. “So voters, when they go up to the voting equipment they have there are several staple safe methods in place to ensure that selections are accurately reflected on the machine.”

Bowens said there are three opportunities to verify a vote before the ballot is cast, along with a notice informing voters of what to do if they experience any malfunctions.

Election officials also urge voters to notify them right away if they have any problems with their voting machine.

There have only been three complaints in the more than 21,000 early votes cast so far in New Hanover County.

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