NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher feeling the financial impacts of COVID-19

KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY)–Aquariums across the State of North Carolina haven’t seen business in nearly five months, after they were shut down due to Covid-19. The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher has had their doors closed since March 17th.

Staff at the aquarium say it has been hard on them as a group, but they’re doing their part to try and stay afloat in the community.

“We miss those guests and that is why our team is pivoting right now,”says NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher Communications Manager Robin Nalepa.”We are trying to figure out new ways to engage with guests and make those important connections. “We just have to keep pushing our mission forward.”

The Fort Fisher aquarium will take a hit financially with the coronavirus setback. The aquarium says last year they welcomed in over 300,000 guests from March to August. That’s a number they will miss out on in 2020, but they won’t let the unknown of Covid-19 get them down.

“Until there’s more definitive information we’re just going to continue doing the good work that were doing,”says Nalepa. “That includes caring for our animals and reaching out in the community for our community through education and conservation.”

They say when they are finally able to open their doors again, they will do it with arms wide open.

“We look forward to welcoming guests back through our door when it’s safe to do so,” Nalepa says. “It’s what we have done and it’s what we hope to again when it’s safe to do so.”

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