NC deputy shocked by message left on Bojangles’ biscuit

A Jones County Sheriff’s Office deputy was “at a loss” for words when he got home from his shift and saw what he had paid for at Bojangles’.

Deputy Daniel Pridgen said he was grabbing a bite to eat at Bojangles’ in Richlands when things took a turn for the worse on Monday.

Pridgen said he was waiting for his food for 25 minutes while in uniform. But it wasn’t his food getting cold that heated Pridgen. It was what was written in icing on his Bo-Berry Biscuit.

One of the two biscuits Pridgen ordered had the letters “FU” written in icing, according to Pridgen. He said he didn’t notice until he got home.

Pridgen posted the photo to Facebook and it quickly gained steam on social media as outrage built.

He said Bojangles’ representatives have reached out to him. “The management assured me that they had a zero tolerance for things such as this, and that the person(s) who done it would be terminated,” Pridgen said.

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