Bladen Co. teen named U.S. Army and Pro Football Hall of Fame student-athlete award winner

CANTON, OHIO (WWAY) – Today, the U.S. Army and the Pro Football Hall of Fame named high school student-athlete Emily Scott of Elizabethtown, N.C., as the 2017 U.S. Army-Pro Football Hall of Fame Award for Excellence winner. Scott, one of 25 finalists vying for the honor, was announced as the winner of the prestigious award during a luncheon at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Event. Eight “Gold Jackets” (living Hall of Famers) – were on hand to help present Scott with the award.

The Award for Excellence program highlights the achievements of student-athletes across the country. Open to all sophomore, junior and senior level high school athletes in the United States, the program focuses on athletic achievement combined with excellence in academics and community engagement. All 25 of the finalists were on hand at the luncheon.

“Every one of these guys in here with a gold jacket, they were born an ordinary person, and every one of these finalists were born ordinary people. Some of you may have good genes, but it’s what you decide to do with it that matters,” said Mark Davis, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Marketing. “By choosing who you want to surround yourself with, or being lucky enough to be surrounded by awesome parents, you have made choices to get to where you are – and you have made wise choices. You’re driven. You’re driven to succeed and you inspire all of us.”

“How do we find people to form the character of our country. To be the leaders of tomorrow. To be more than what we are – which is what all parents want their children to be. We like to think that our partnership with the U.S. Army optimizes that. These are the people who have the highest character. We have our five values here at the Pro Football Hall of Fame and they have their seven at the U.S. Army,” stated David Baker, the Hall’s President and Chief Executive Officer. ”There are only 175 Gold Jackets alive today, but the best 25 high school students in the United States are in this room today. You all excel in athletics, academics, and community service. And you guys have not only been identified as the best for your high school careers but as those who might be the best moving forward. ”

The finalists and their guests will attend the 2017 Enshrinement Ceremony this evening at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium that will be televised nationally on ESPN and NFL Network.

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