NCGOP comments on Clinton and security

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Before Vice Presidential Nominee Tim Kaine made his way to the Cape Fear, WWAY spoke to the North Carolina GOP about how Hillary Clinton’s Administration would handle of National Security.

The party says National Security has suffered under President Obama and President Bill Clinton.

NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes says, “We cannot afford, in the greatest military state in my opinion in the country, with Fort Bragg, Seymour Johnson, Camp Lejeune, and also with Pope Air Force Base, to allow this deterioration of our nation’s preparedness. Our people are better than ever, but the equipment and the training they are being given is not up to the task we face in the dangerous terrorism driven world which again Obama and Clinton will not even call by its name.”.

In his speech, Tim Kaine said, “I am one of two million families that have a child in the military. I would very much trust Hillary Clinton as commander and chief to do the right thing.”

For more on Kaine’s speech, click here.

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