NC man charged $2,300 for walking through ER doors for cat scratch

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) — Going into the emergency room (ER) can be scary moments for families, but for some getting the bill at the end can be the worst part. That’s the case for one Charlotte man who said he was shocked to see what he was charged for just walking into the emergency room.

In September, a cat scratched Shyam Patil’s wrist when he was outside his home. He wasn’t sure if the cat was a stray or if it was up to date on its shots so he called his doctor. Because the cat drew blood, his doctor said he should get a rabies shot just in case. His doctor said to go to the ER because the rabies shot isn’t commonly available at clinics.

“They don’t tell you the cost, they don’t tell you anything,” said Patil.

While at the ER, Patil googled the cost for rabies vaccinations and was stunned by the articles that came up. The first one outlined a story similar to his where a woman was bitten by a cat. Her bill was more than $40,000.

He also asked the nurses and doctors at the ER and he said they were unable to provide him a number of how much it would cost. Scared of what the bill could be, he walked out of the ER.

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