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Parents say 6-year-old suffers frightening side effects after taking Tamiflu

A North Texas family says their daughter’s side effects from the popular drug Tamiflu were beyond what they ever could have imagined – and left them saying never again.

Man witnessed ‘patient dumping’ outside Baltimore hospital in frigid temperatures

Overnight, Imamu Baraka was walking past a Baltimore hospital when he noticed something he says he’ll never forget. The hospital’s security guards had just wheeled a patient to a bus stop, and in the freezing temperatures they left her there. The only thing she had on was a hospital gown.

STUDY: More people choosing Uber for a hospital ride over an ambulance

More people appear to be choosing to use an Uber for rides to the hospital over an ambulance, a recent study has found, CBS Los Angeles writes.

Is it an emergency? Insurer makes patients question ER visit

In an effort to curb unnecessary and costly ER visits, the Blue Cross-Blue Shield insurer has told customers in a few U.S. states to go to the hospital only in a real emergency such as a heart attack, stroke and major bleeding — or they could wind up footing the bill.

Court docs: Raleigh mom refused to take child to hospital following sex assault

A Raleigh mother is facing a felony child abuse charge after failing to report her toddler child’s sexual assault.

VIDEO: Tennessee nurse sings to dying cancer patient, touches millions

This just tugs at all your heart strings! A viral video showing a nurse singing to a dying cancer patient has touched millions of people.

VIDEO: North Carolina nurse scales cliff during storms to get to hospital

An NC nurse is being praised for her dedication after her husband recorded a video of her climbing a cliff during the height of Monday night’s storms.
Stephanie Belden

Woman arrested after kidnapping her baby from hospital

A California mother is facing charges after police say she stuffed her newborn into a duffel bag and kidnapped the child from the hospital.

Utah police officer who handcuffed, dragged nurse in video fired

Salt Lake City Police made the decision to fire Detective Jeff Payne after an internal investigation found he violated department policies when he arrested nurse Alex Wubbels.

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