NCDOT working hard to prepare the roads ahead of Sunday’s winter weather

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — An approaching winter storm is expected to bring winter weather to the Cape Fear early Sunday morning.

But preparations are already underway across the area.

Andrew Barksdale with the North Carolina Department of Transportation has been working hard since Thursday morning to prepare the roads for the freezing rain threat on Sunday.

“North Carolina gets all sorts of weather,” Barksdale said. “Wilmington doesn’t get much wintry weather, but it does sometimes. So we’re always going to be ready.”

Barksdale says the lack of winter weather in recent years across the Cape Fear hasn’t led to a lack of training.

He says NCDOT workers here are just as ready to handle whatever Mother Nature throws our way as the workers in snowier parts of the state.

“Every fall we review our equipment and go over our routes,” Barksdale said. “Then we just kind of wait and see when we need to go.”

In order for the DOT to do their job effectively and for everyone to stay safe, Barksdale advises people to remain home unless absolutely necessary.

“If you do have to for work or whatever reason, just be very cautious,” Barksdale stressed. “Don’t go as fast as you normally do. Slow down, be prepared for the unexpected.”

Barksdale says they are ready to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to keep the roads in good shape.

“It doesn’t matter that it’s a weekend or a Sunday. They will be working and then take time off later, once the storm has cleared and the roads are safely reopened,” Barksdale said.

By the time all is said and done, NCDOT says they are expecting to have used over one million gallons of brine on roadways across the state.

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