Neighbors annoyed with Belvedere water conditions

HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — What if you woke up every day, unsure if you could use your water? It’s a problem residents in one Hampstead neighborhood have dealt with for months.

“When you can’t take a shower or you can’t brush your teeth, it’s not healthy,” Georgia Curry said.

Curry has rented a home in the Belvedere neighborhood in Hampstead since May. She never expected to deal with the water issues and wishes she didn’t.

“If I had known about it before we signed a lease, then I might have have thought twice about living here,” Curry said.

These water issues date back about six months, according to some neighbors. Some long time residents say this never used to be a problem.

“I think we all get up in the morning, at least I do, just assuming the water is going to be good, and then you discover on certain days at certain times that it’s brown, and it leads to some staining,” Peter Grant said.

“For the past four or five months, the water issues have been coming up. Before that we really didn’t have too many problems. Water has been dirty, and you get a phone call after you take a shower in the dirty water,” Peter Loftus said.

Phone calls from Carolina Water Service of North Carolina, warning customers not to use the water. The continued problems are why many neighbors cannot fathom a proposed price rate hike.

“Sure we’re getting water, but it’s the quality of water. I don’t mind paying more if I have good quality water and uninterrupted service, but you’re trying to charge me more and you’re giving me less,” Curry said.

The state utilities commission will decide on whether to approve a rate increase after holding a hearing in late August.

Carolina Water Service of North Carolina spokeswoman, Deborah Clark, says there are issues because…”significant investment is needed throughout North Carolina- more than $20 billion, to replace aging water and wastewater infrastructure, including drinking water pipes, wastewater collection pipes and wastewater treatment facilities.”

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