WATCH: New Guinness World Records set

The highest upwards basketball shot, the fastest time to travel 20 meters in a contortion roll and the world’s largest vegan cake were among the newly set records announced on Guinness World Records Day 2017, Thursday (9 NOV. 2017)

The Harlem Globetrotters scored their 17th team record, as Thunder Law shot a basketball upwards by 15.26 meters (50ft, 1in), into the basket, in Boise, Idaho, Sunday (5 NOV. 2017). It’s the fourth record Law has broken himself.

Fellow Americans Giuliano and Fabio Anastasini of New York’s Big Apple Circus took the title for the Most Risley Flips in 30 seconds, recently, as Fabio performed 32 flips, using his brother Giuliano’s feet as a base.

Chinese contortionist Liu Teng beat the previous record for the Fastest Time to Travel 20 Meters in a Contortion Roll, with a time of 15.54 seconds, in Beijing on Monday (6 NOV. 2017)

Another previous record was broken by Yuuki Yoshinaga in Tokyo, Tuesday (7 NOV. 2017) – Most Football Rolls from Eye to Eye in One Minute – with 189.

Also in Japan, the largest hula hoop was spun, by Yuya Yamada, who worked with a ring with a diamater of 5.14 meters (16 ft 10in) in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Thursday (9 NOV. 2017).

The Largest Vegan Cake was baked in Sweden by social media personality Therese Lindgren. Her semolina creation weighed 462.4 kg.

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