New trial date scheduled for Town of Holden Beach and man who planned shore-based shark tournament

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY)- WWAY has learned more about the documents filed against the man who planned a shark fishing tournament earlier this month in Brunswick County.

A temporary restraining order filed July 13th by the Town of Holden Beach against the owner of Madkingz Tackle Marty Wright who also sponsored the controversial shark fishing tournament, was extended until July 23.

According to court documents, both parties agreed the land-based shark tournament would be canceled.

Leaders from Oak Island, Ocean Isle, and Both Holden and Caswell Beaches were concerned the tournament would be bad for business and create an unneeded danger in the water.

WWAY reached out to the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries and talked to their spokeswoman Patricia Smith who said these types of tournaments are allowed, but with rules.

“We do not prohibit shark fishing from our state’s beaches, there is a state tournament license that exists but that’s only required if you’re going to sell your catch,” said Smith.

Those who plan on making a profit can obtain a license through the Division of Marine Fisheries License Offices.

“There are some tournaments that fish are brought in to sell to a dealer, obviously all the fishermen will need to have a Coastal Recreational fishing license,” she said.

These regulations apply to those 16 years of age or older who need to keep in mind the size and possession limits on different species of sharks in North Carolina waters.

“So, any fishermen planning on going shark fishing would need to come on to our website and download a copy of those regulations,” said Smith.

Court documents show a new trial is scheduled for July 26, WWAY reached out to both Holden Beach Mayor Alan Holden and Marty Wright, both would said they would not comment at this time.

Wright planned another shore-based shark fishing tournament for the first week of October

The rules and regulations surrounding fishing tournaments can be found by clicking here.

The regulations can be found on the Division of Marine Fisheries website Proclamation FF-41-2022, or anglers can download the Fish Rules App.

These licenses are sold at Division of Marine Fisheries License Offices, online at, and at many outdoors and bait and tackle shops.

N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries does not prohibit chum fishing.

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