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Craft brewers, wholesalers lift glass to distribution deal

Small North Carolina brewers and alcohol wholesalers raised glasses on Thursday to what they call a legislative compromise that allows small breweries to keep control of their products longer as they grow.

Wake N Bake wants to serve booze with your doughy treats

A popular donut shop is looking to expand its menu and it wants to include more than just sugary treats.

Report: Loris high school teacher had vodka, open beer in classroom

A minor traffic incident led to the discovery of alcohol in the classroom desk of a teacher at Loris High School, according to police.

New rehab center for women to open in Brunswick County

A new rehab facility is opening to help women in Brunswick County.

Loosening North Carolina control of liquor considered again

The North Carolina legislature is again weighing whether altering how liquor sales have been regulated for over 80 years is worth likely increasing the number of retail outlets but also increasing public consumption.

Police: Woman drove drunk on vanilla extract

Police say a Connecticut woman charged with driving under the influence was drunk on vanilla extract, which contains a significant amount of alcohol.

Keurig launches a cocktail-making pod machine

Keurig is turning to a new market for home-brewing: cocktails and beer.

Autopsy finds rapper Mac Miller died from drugs and alcohol

A coroner has ruled rapper Mac Miller's death an accidental overdose due to a combination of drugs and alcohol.

29 people die in NC boating accidents so far this year

North Carolina's Wildlife Commission says 29 people have died in boating accidents this year, making it the deadliest in the past 20 years.

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