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‘They’re like part of my family’: Tregembo park shares their side about losing bears

WWAY is now hearing from the Tregembo Animal Park owner about their two bears that have been relocated to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado.

PETA: Two bears moved from Tregembo Zoo to animal sanctuary

The two bears formerly on display at Tregembo Animal Park are headed to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, according to PETA.

WATCH: Bears caught playing backyard swing set

Look who had some fun on a backyard swing set in Simsbury, Connecticut.

Carolina Beach residents ‘shocked’ over black bear sighting

Carolina Beach residents spotted a young black bear roaming Canal Drive Sunday morning.
Russian Bear Killing

Russia opens investigation into gruesome bear killing

Russia's natural resources and environment minister has called for prison time for the perpetrators.

Dead bears found on I-40

At least two dead bears have been found on the side of the road in Pender County.

Black bears ignore snooze button, hit western North Carolina

Wildlife biologists say bears in western North Carolina have decided not to wait for the alarm to go off, beginning their ramblings through woods and neighborhoods ahead of schedule.

Small dog scares off bears

A 20-pound pup came face-to-face with three bears who got into a family home.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS: Comedian falls, Yankee beaned, bear enjoys snack

A baseball player gets beaned by a fan, and a comedian loses sight of the stage. Plus was that Yogi Bear in the pic-in-ic basket?

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