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Teen with autism receives nearly 700 birthday cards, personal visits

A local teenager who has autism is celebrating his 18th birthday with hundreds of birthday cards from all over the world.
Dante Brown Birthday

Local teen with autism wishes for birthday cards, turning 18

A New Hanover County teen who has autism is asking for birthday cards to help celebrate his 18th birthday.

9-year-old celebrates birthday taking dozens of gifts to St. Jude Children’s Hospital

What started as a birthday wish about six months ago, just turned into a reality for an 9-year-old boy from Columbus County.

Teen with autism gets 500 birthday cards from around the world

After a teenager who has autism made a request for birthday cards, he received about 500 from all around the world.
Dante Brown Birthdayvideo

Teen with autism wishes for cards from all over for 16th birthday

Teen with autism in New Hanover County only has one birthday wish to get cards in the mail.

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