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More than 170 structures in Pender County added to flood zone

If you live within the Black River basin, you might want to contact your insurance company to make sure you have flood insurance.

Residents along Black River recover from Hurricane Matthew

The recovery process from Hurricane Matthew is continuing across the eastern part of North Carolina. Residents along the Black River were among some of the hardest hit in our area.

Donkey rescued in flood gives birth, baby named after Hurricane Matthew

It’s a girl! The Pender County Animal Shelter has a new addition after a donkey rescued in the flood waters gave birth this weekend.

How much worse was the Black River Pender County flooding on Tuesday than Monday?

We spent a good portion of Monday evening and Tuesday evening in the western part of Pender County between Currie and Kelly. Was there a big difference in the flooding in just a 24 hour period? Yes.

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