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Tribune calls off $3.9B buyout by Sinclair

Tribune withdrew from its $3.9 billion buyout by Sinclair, ending a bid to create a massive media juggernaut that could have rivaled the reach of Fox News.

Papa John’s founder: I should be back as chain’s public face

The founder of Papa John's says the pizza chain does well with him as its public face, and that it was a mistake for the company to scrub him from its marketing materials after he acknowledged using a racial slur last month.

Financial fruit: Apple becomes 1st trillion-dollar company

Apple has become the world's first publicly traded company to be valued at $1 trillion.

Trump team wants to roll back Obama-era mileage standards

The Trump administration is proposing to roll back Obama-era mileage standards that were designed to make cars more fuel efficient and reduce pollution.

Port of Wilmington sees banner year for container traffic

Big news for the Port of Wilmington! North Carolina Ports says they have seen a banner year in container business growth.

Logistics firm to set up shop in Pender County

BlueArrow Warehousing and Logistics is coming to the Cape Fear Industrial Complex in Rocky Point and hiring up to 25 workers.

After 37 years, Harris Teeter in Ogden to close

The Harris Teeter at Ogden Plaza will close its doors next month.

Hundreds attend Ladies Night Out Purse Bash

Michael Kors, Coach, and Kate Spade -- designer purses were up for grabs at the Ladies Night Out Purse Bash in Brunswick County.

Comcast drops Fox bid, paving way for sale to Disney

Comcast is dropping its bid for Fox's entertainment businesses, paving the way for Disney to boost its upcoming streaming service by buying the studios behind "The Simpsons" and X-Men.

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