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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Tags Confederate Memorials

Tag: Confederate Memorials

Judge tosses charges against 2 arrested in monument protest

The officer who arrested them testified that the students used profanity and that placing hoods on the statues was like a hate crime.

UNC system rejects $5M plan to house Confederate statue

The board overseeing North Carolina's public universities is meeting to decide the fate of a Confederate statue toppled by protesters at the state's flagship campus.

Confederate statues stand strong, backed by powerful groups

The presence of Confederate statues still runs deep, even in Wilmington. Investigative journalist Shaun Assael shares that the monuments are backed by one group in particular that may be quiet, but they are mighty.

Veteran offers peaceful solution to controversial confederate monuments

There is controversy over confederate statues across the state and nation as many demand they come down. It's enough to make one local veteran upset at the way people have been fighting with one another.

New Orleans considers removing Confederate monuments

New Orleans is poised to make a sweeping break with its past as it considers removing prominent Confederate monuments from some of its busiest streets.

Charlotte YMCA to remove monument with Confederate flag

The YMCA in Charlotte plans to remove a monument with a carving of the Confederate flag as it starts a renovation project.

Hillsborough to remove ‘Confederate Memorial’ from museum

Hillsborough's Historic District Commission has voted to allow removing the words 'Confederate Memorial' from the Orange County Historical Museum.

NAACP plans protest against NC Confederate memorials bill

The North Carolina NAACP has scheduled a Moral Monday protest against passage of legislation that provides protection for Confederate memorials.

Controversial North Carolina monuments bill becomes law

The North Carolina legislature will have the ultimate say over public "objects of remembrance," including Confederate memorials, under a new law signed by the governor.

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New Hanover school board decides against Plan A for elementary schools

The New Hanover County school board held a special meeting on Monday to discuss whether or not to allow elementary schools to move to full-time in-person learning.

Flooding continues to be a problem along Canal Drive in Carolina Beach

Flooding is always a major concern along the coast during hurricane season. In Carolina Beach, occasional flooding has been happening over the past several years when there isn't a cloud in the sky.

Snake lands on Mississippi woman as she opens her front door

A woman in Mississippi received a slithering surprise when she got home from work last week: a snake that had been lodged on top of her front door landed on her head.

Sen. Tillis: Trump to extend offshore drilling pause to NC

One of North Carolina's U.S. senators says President Donald Trump told him he'll add North Carolina to a list of states whose coastal waters won’t be subjected to offshore drilling for a decade.