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New collar translates your dog’s barks into cuss words

Your dog’s mouth might not be as clean as you think. That is, not if it’s wearing the “Cuss Collar."

Sweet, inspiring message written in snow for mom battling cancer

A daughter wrote a message of hope in the snow for her mother who's battling cancer.

Deputy off the job after video shows him punching handcuffed teen at NC hospital

A North Carolina mother is outraged after she said a hospital security officer and a deputy assaulted her 16-year-old son outside Atrium Health-Lincoln.

Fayetteville florist delivers flowers to families for soldiers overseas

As floral shops scrambled to prepare and deliver orders for Valentine's Day, one Fayetteville flower shop is bringing smiles from loved stationed overseas.

Proposed bill would require men in Alabama to get vasectomy

A proposed bill in the Alabama Legislature would require all men in the state to get a vasectomy within one month of their 50th birthday or the birth of their third biological child, whichever comes first.

Experts: Alarming numbers of eagles in NC are dying from lead bullets

Bald eagles are federally protected, but experts say they're dying from bullets in North Carolina.

Texas teen catches 7ft, 190-pound Alligator gar

A Texas teen has quite the fish tale! Jack Pytel shared photos of his big catch - a 190-pound, 7'5" alligator gar.

Man offers $25K if someone finds him a girlfriend

They say love doesn't cost a thing, but a Kansas man says differently.

North Carolina woman gives husband one of her kidneys for Valentine’s Day

Richard Lawson will never be able to top the Valentine's gift his wife recently gave him.

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