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Man says scammer copied license plate, racked up toll fees

A North Carolina man says he was hit with nearly $500 in toll fees because a scammer made a copy of his license plate.

Couple refills same candy box every Valentine’s Day

Arvel and Gail Ross go to Kopper Kettle Candies in Van Buren, Arkansas every year around Valentine’s Day to fill a box they’ve had for more than 25 years.

Winter expected to return to NC mountains by holiday weekend

In the North Carolina Mountains it has been a winter with warm weather and lots of rain. Except, it seems, on the the traditionally big winter tourist weekends.

Man finds urn in NC woods, deputies search for owner

Deputies in North Carolina are searching for the owner of an urn containing cremated ashes that was found in a wooded area in early February.

Officer pays woman’s airplane ticket home after scam

An elderly woman who flew from Illinois to Arizona who was scammed out of her last dollars when she thought she was going to meet the man of her dreams was rescued by a police officer’s kind gesture.

Couple with adopted baby get impromptu shower on plane

New dad Dustin Moore admitted on Twitter it had been a difficult week. The California nutritionist didn't want to air his grievances on social media, he wanted to turn the mood around.

VIDEO: Toddler escapes daycare, found freezing in street

A disoriented 2-year-old boy who managed to escape from his daycare was found soaking wet in near-freezing temperatures riding a tricycle down the middle of a busy street.

Gerber launches national search for its next spokesbaby

Gerber's 2020 Photo Search contest has begun, which means you've got a chance to win $25,000 if your little one is chosen to be the next Gerber "Spokesbaby."

Video shows rescue of toddler who nearly drowned in hotel pool

Police released a graphic video of a 2-year-old child drowning and sinking to the bottom of a pool before being found unresponsive.

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