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Shortlist for 2018 Time Person of the Year released

World leaders. Migrant families. A criminal investigator. A murdered journalist. A professor who accused a Supreme Court nominee of sexual assault. Student activists. A blockbuster director. An American princess.

Sarah McLachlan to perform at the Wilson Center

Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan is coming to Wilmington.

Fantasy trip to North Pole lifts spirits of children fighting serious illnesses

For one afternoon, 50 lucky kids were able to say goodbye to the hospital and hello to the North Pole.

Boy raising money for a gravestone for best friend

A 12-year-old Michigan boy is working odd jobs to raise money for a special Christmas gift: a gravestone for his best friend.

Risk of Christmas tree fires often overlooked

For many of us, the holidays mean celebrations and quality time with loved ones, but all of the excitement and festivities can cause people to overlook some dangerous safety hazards that pose a special risk this time of year.

What Did We Miss? Archaeologists find 500-year-old skeleton wearing boots

These boots were made for lasting PLUS a bear walked on two legs into a police station.

Dad’s lesson on bullying goes viral

It's a video that's been viewed millions of times of a girl walking to school. Her dad is behind the camera and says it was her punishment after she was suspended from the bus for bullying another student.

Sandra Oh, Andy Samberg to host Golden Globe ceremony

Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg will share host duties at the Golden Globe Awards.

Homeless man finds bag holding $17K, turns it in to food bank

A homeless man in Sumner is being praised for turning in thousands of dollars.

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