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CBS’ ‘Big Bang Theory’ has season high as end nears

As the time approaches to say goodbye to Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, Penny and the gang, the CBS comedy "The Big Bang Theory" hit a season high in popularity last week.

Lawyer: Rapper 21 Savage granted immigration bond

Grammy-nominated rapper 21 Savage was granted bond for release Tuesday after spending more than a week in federal immigration custody, but he wasn't freed right away, his lawyer said.

GRAPHIC: Home listing has 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath, ’50 Shades of Grey’ basement

A home for sale in the Philadelphia area is raising eyebrows with a listing that brings to mind a popular erotic novel and movie.

Red panda exhibit in Asheville opens on Valentine’s Day

A new red panda exhibit at the western North Carolina Nature Center in Asheville opens Valentine's Day, but the red pandas are already there.

NC students share excitement as classmate with autism elected Homecoming King

Students at a North Carolina high school banded together to make sure one of their classmates had a special homecoming.

Lottery winner claims prize in ‘Scream’ mask to hide identity

Some lottery winners go to great lengths to remain anonymous -- and one person who hit the jackpot just took that to a scary new level.

Police: Pot smokers find caged tiger in abandoned house

Houston police say some people who went into an abandoned home to smoke marijuana found a caged tiger.

‘I started shaking,’ NC man says of $2 million Powerball prize

Howard Welch III of Kings Mountain said dreams of winning a jackpot helped him win a $2 million Powerball prize.

This zoo will name a cockroach after your ex and feed it to a...

Here's the perfect Valentine's Day gift for those newly found single people. The El Paso Zoo will name a cockroach after your ex and then feed it to a meerkat live on camera.

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