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Trump announces effort to revitalize underserved US cities during Charlotte visit

President Donald Trump has announced a new nationwide effort to revitalize underserved cities across America.

China probes virus alarm doctor death, cruise ships shunned

China's top Communist Party investigators are looking into “relevant issues raised by the public” about a doctor who was threatened by police after publicizing his concerns about the new virus and has now died from it.

After acquittal, President Trump unleashes fury at impeachment

President Donald Trump is exulting in his impeachment acquittal, taking a scorched earth victory lap.

Not Guilty: Sharply divided Senate acquits President Trump

The months-long impeachment and Senate trial of President Donald Trump came down to an anticlimactic end Wednesday afternoon with acquittal on both articles.

2020 State of the Union: Trump stokes Democrats’ fury, ignores impeachment

President Donald Trump's State of the Union speech was filled with theatrics and tension.

In embarrassing twist, Democrats have no Iowa caucus results

Democratic Party officials in Iowa are working furiously to deliver the delayed results of their first-in-the-nation caucus.

House managers and Trump team make final arguments to Senate

House managers and White House attorneys are making their final arguments in the impeachment trial of President Trump on Monday.

President Donald Trump to visit NC this week

President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit the Tar Heel state on Friday.

Sheriff apologizes after deputies ask Brunswick student to remove Trump flag

A major flag flap in Brunswick County when a student was asked to remove a Trump flag flying from his truck.

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