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Virginia bans conversion therapy for LGBTQ minors

Virginia became the 20th state in the country to outlaw conversion therapy for LGBTQ minors after Gov. Ralph Northam signed the ban into law on Monday.

High school cancels controversial ‘Gender-Bender’ homecoming spirit day

Reid Ross Classical High School in Fayetteville has agreed to change a controversial spirit week theme after parents and advocates voiced concerns about the "Gender-Bender" day.

North Carolina town votes for gender neutral board name

A town in North Carolina has decided to do away with its Board of Alderman. The name not the actual board.

Mattel unveils gender-inclusive dolls

Mattel is launching new dolls aimed at breaking gender barriers.

NYC gender-neutral birth certificates law to take effect

New York City residents are about to have new option for denoting gender on their birth certificates: gender “X.”

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