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Truncated Hermine TV alert wrongly airs evacuation order

Officials notifying Long Island, New York, TV watchers about the impact of storm system Hermine mistakenly advised an entire county to evacuate.

Lifeguards return to NC Outer Banks after Hermine

The National Park Service has reopened visitor centers and campgrounds along North Carolina's Outer Banks closed as Tropical Storm Hermine moved through the area.

Hermine leads to discovery of felony dog abuse

Hurricane Hermine's effects led to the discovery of a possible felony dog abuse case in Tabor City.

Section of 14th Street in Wilmington closed for sinkhole

Tropical Storm Hermine left behind quite a bit of damage in the cape fear, including a large sink hole near downtown Wilmington.

Section of Hwy. 133 closed near Funston Road

The storm also causing several other roads to close across the area, like this major highway in Brunswick County.

Surfers enjoy post-storm swells

Surfers and beachgoers found their way back to the beach Saturday morning as the sun found its way back to the skies.

Myrtle Grove residents begin cleanup after storm

Residents on Long Pointe Drive in Myrtle Grove joined forces Saturday morning to cleanup their yards after Hurricane Hermine's heavy winds.

National Weather Service assesses Hermine’s damage

While the storm did not bring major damages to our area...some people in New Hanover county experienced heavier winds than others.

Hermine exits Cape Fear, weekend weather improves

Weekend weather improves as Hermine exits Southeastern North Carolina.

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