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Cheers, tears, prayers for 2020: A new decade is ushered in

2020 is being rung in around the globe. More than 1 million people descended on Sydney Harbour to see fireworks despite the wildfires ravaging other parts of Australia.

Hundreds killed after volcanic eruption triggers tsunami

More than 800 were reported injured and 28 missing after the tsunami hit around the Sunda Strait on Saturday night, the Disaster Management Agency said.

Indonesia plane crash search finds remains, debris at sea

An Indonesian passenger jet carrying 189 people crashed into the ocean shortly after takeoff on Monday, authorities said.

Powerful quake rocks Indonesian tourist island, 82 dead

A powerful earthquake struck the Indonesian tourist island of Lombok on Sunday, killing at least 82 people and shaking neighboring Bali, one week after another quake on Lombok killed more than a dozen.
Surveillance video shows the moment a mezzanine collapsed at the Jakarta Stock Exchange on Jan. 15, 2018. (Photo: Lukman Hery/AP)video

Mezzanine collapse inside Jakarta tower hurts nearly 80

A mezzanine floor inside the Jakarta Stock Exchange tower collapsed on Monday, injuring nearly 80 people and forcing a chaotic evacuation.

Indonesia volcano forces mass evacuation, shuts Bali airport

Indonesian authorities ordered thousands to flee Monday from an erupting volcano on Bali that forced the island's international airport to close.

Searchers spot wreckage of missing Indonesia passenger plane

Search and rescue teams are preparing to try to reach the site where a passenger plane crashed Sunday in Indonesia's easternmost province of Papua.

Dozens dead after Indonesia military transport plane crash

The death toll is now at least 37 after an Indonesia military transport plane crashed into a residential neighborhood in the country's third-largest city of Medan.

Bodies, debris found in search for missing AirAsia jet

Wreckage spotted floating in Indonesian waters belongs to the missing AirAsia jetliner that crashed into the Java Sea Sunday with 162 people aboard, according to airline officials.

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