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Flu leaves a 4-year-old girl blind in Iowa

An Iowa family says their 4-year-old daughter is recovering from a life-threatening case of the flu that left her blind.

NC Police wait downstream for suspect trying to swim to freedom

A wanted Tiki bar cook tried to flee authorities by swimming away in a North Carolina river, but was caught by officers waiting downstream.

Dog disease that can be passed to humans confirmed in Iowa

Officials say a dog disease that can be passed to humans has been confirmed in Iowa.

Lawyer: Client will plead not guilty in teen’s 1979 slaying

The attorney for a man charged in the 1979 slaying of an Iowa high school student says his client will plead not guilty.

Tibbetts case sparks rush to add candidate to Iowa ballot

A group of Iowa conservatives is scrambling to add an attorney general candidate to the November ballot after a Mexican man was charged with slaying missing college student Mollie Tibbetts.

Iowa newborn dies after developing meningitis from herpes virus

A newborn in Iowa died after contracting meningitis, and her parents think she may have gotten it from something as a simple as a kiss from a visitor.

Protester at Iowa Trump rally arrested, faces assault charge

Authorities say a protester has been charged with assault after a fracas outside the rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for President Donald Trump.

Iowa woman sentenced for dunking baby’s arm in hot coffee

Doctors say the boy suffered blistering and that his skin was sloughing off on his left hand and arm. Hospital medical staff called the police.

Iowa Republicans ending straw poll, a tradition born in 1979

Republican leaders in Iowa have agreed to end the state's straw poll because of waning interest from presidential hopefuls and questions about its relevancy.

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