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Patricia Kusek on GenXvideo

Kusek on how CFPUA handled GenX info: ‘Extreme lack of good judgement’

The CFPUA Board of Directors met today to discuss an internal investigation on how information about GenX was handled and what to do next.
CFPUA Vice Chair Jennifer Adams talks with reporters on June 22, 2017, about the investigation she led into CFPUA's handling of GenX information. (Photo: Kirsten Gutierrez/WWAY)video

CFPUA review finds staff handled GenX info appropriately

The CFPUA Board of Directors will hold another special meeting this afternoon to discuss GenX and how the utility handled the information about the toxin.

CFPUA Board chair June 20 afternoon GenX update

During a Special Meeting this Thursday, the CFPUA Board will receive an update on the internal review

CFPUA Board calls for investigation into utility’s handling of GenX info

One day after a closed meeting with Chemours and local leaders, the CFPUA Board met again this morning to discuss GenX and how the utility company handled information about the toxin the area's drinking water.

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