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Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Tags NC State Crime Lab

Tag: NC State Crime Lab

State lab analysis of car parts could reveal clues in hit-and-run

The North Carolina Highway Patrol hopes evidence collected at the scene of a deadly hit and run accident in Brunswick County will yield more clues about the driver they're trying to find.

Bill to prevent future rape kit delays OK’d by House panel

New processes to test thousands of sexual assault kits held by local North Carolina law enforcement agencies are advancing in the House.

Rape kits of women found dead in Lumberton sat untested for more than a year

In a stunning development, CBS 17 has learned the rape kits of three women found dead in Lumberton sat untested in the police department for a year and eight months.

AG Josh Stein discusses bill to tackle rape kit backlog

Stein has been behind the Rape Evidence Collection Kit Tracking Act and said is working to tackle the thousands of untested kits.

In unusual step, victims told of destroyed rape kits

When Veronica was raped more than 13 years ago, she says neither the police nor the hospital staff believed her story that a longtime friend attacked her while his mother was in the next room.

WWAY INVESTIGATION: Crime lab conundrum

"The reason we can't get cases done is because everybody is in the courtroom testifying."

WWAY INVESTIGATION: NC State Crime Lab Conundrum

"It not only slows cases down, but it also it brings to bare a huge burden on counties having to house prisoners waiting for trial."

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‘I Am Woman’ singer Helen Reddy, ’70s hitmaker, dies at 78

Reddy’s children announced their mother’s death Tuesday evening, saying that while they are heartbroken, they “take comfort in the knowledge that her voice will live on forever.”

First debate descends into chaos as Trump and Biden exchange attacks

The first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden featured a chaotic series of bitter exchanges and name-calling, with the president repeatedly speaking over his Democratic rival and the moderator struggling to maintain control of the 90-minute affair.

Wilmington neighborhood says farewell to longtime UPS driver

One Wilmington area UPS driver has spent the past two decades serving the people of the Cape Fear. As his time in the position comes to an end, the community around him is showing their thanks.  

NHRMC Partnership Advisory Group votes in favor of Novant sale agreement

The Partnership Advisory Group, tasked with exploring the future of New Hanover Regional Medical Center, has voted in favor of a final purchase agreement with Novant Health.