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Baby makes 3: Raleigh infant born Dec. 4 shares birthday with mom, grandmother

Three generations of a Triangle family won't have to go far for their birthday parties.

Sheriff: Juvenile charged in shooting death of newborn baby

Authorities say a juvenile has been charged in the shooting death of a newborn baby at a home in North Carolina.

Newborn baby found on California road in frigid temperatures

A newborn girl with her umbilical cord still attached was found by a newspaper carrier in the middle of a rural road before dawn in near-freezing temperatures.

GOP legislators back higher fee to expand newborn screening

Republican legislators say raising the fee North Carolina health officials charge to test newborns for additional genetic disorders is outweighed by the health benefits of early diagnosis and lower overall health care costs.

Couple rings in New Year with newborn baby

Having a child is always magical especially if it is your first. But having your first child on New Years Day, now that calls for a celebration.

Mom stabbed newborn, father; claimed baby was devil’s

Witnesses who tried to help the man and baby before Fielder chased them away told police she was wielding a knife that matched the one under the bin.

Newborn photo shoot turns disaster into beautiful moment for Texas family

There are a lot of new mothers who gave birth during and after Hurricane Harvey, and one photographer captured a beautiful moment as a result of such a devastating time for Texas.

Iowa newborn dies after developing meningitis from herpes virus

A newborn in Iowa died after contracting meningitis, and her parents think she may have gotten it from something as a simple as a kiss from a visitor.

N. Carolina father accused of killing newborn, toddler

A North Carolina father is accused of stabbing his infant and toddler daughters to death.

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