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13 killed in Canada shooting rampage, deadliest in 30 years

Canadian police say 13 people are dead plus the suspect after a shooting rampage across the province of Nova Scotia.

2,000-pound great white shark tracked to Gulf of Mexico

Scientists say a 15-foot-5-inch great white shark weighing more than 2,000 pounds has entered the Gulf of Mexico after a journey down the coast from Canada.

Researchers say 13-foot shark bitten by even bigger shark

Researchers say they've come across a nearly 13-foot great white shark with teeth marks on its jaw and head. They say it was likely bitten by an even bigger shark.

2,000-pound great white shark ‘pinged’ near Outer Banks

A recently tagged great white shark “pinged” off the coast of the Outer Banks Tuesday morning.

Hurricane Dorian racing toward Nova Scotia after lashing Massachusetts

Hurricane Dorian is making its way for Nova Scotia, Canada, with dangerous storm surge and strong winds, after lashing the Massachusetts coast during its northward path.

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