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Esper orders remainder of active duty troops in Washington region back to home base

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has ordered that active duty troops who were moved to the Washington DC area should return to their home base of Fort Drum in New York, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said Friday.

WTC subway station reopens for first time since 9/11 attacks

A New York City subway station has reopened for the first time since it was destroyed in the World Trade Center attack 17 years ago.

NYC subway to use gender-neutral terms during announcements

When it comes to the New York City subways, there's no such thing as ladies and gentlemen.

Trump calls for death penalty for NYC truck attack suspect

Prosecutors have brought terrorism charges against the Saipov. They say the Islamic State group's online calls to action spurred Saipov to launch the attack in lower Manhattan on Halloween.

NYC police officer uses lifeguard skills to save 2 people

A New York city police officer who once worked as a lifeguard put the training from his former career to work, saving two people who were struggling in water off a boardwalk in Queens.

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