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If you know anything about the history of the Cape Fear region, you likely know about the role pirates played in that history. But the truth sometimes isn't what you see in the movies.

Feast of the Pirates held for first time in Belville

This year, WHET decided to move the Feast of the Pirates to the Brunswick Riverwalk Park in Belville.

#ThisIsThePlace Roadtrip: Surf City

Pirates have had a long standing history on the east coast especially here in the Carolinas. There is even a rumor that Blackbeard buried treasure on Topsail Island.

Pirates bring history to life on Topsail Island

Pirates took over the Missiles and More Museum at Topsail Beach today. History came alive as kids got a chance to interact with pirates and learn about the role they played right here in our area.

MARKING HISTORY: Blackbeard Loses His Head

video Two hundred and ninety-five years ago, it was "off" with Blackbeard's head. One of the most infamous pirates in history, Edward Teach who gained the nickname Blackbeard for his fierce appearance. had a long history in North Carolina.

More cannons pulled from Queen Anne’s Revenge

Two weapons last touched by pirates almost 300 years ago surfaced from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean Friday.

This Day in NC History: Stede Bonnet, the ‘Gentleman Pirate,’ hanged in South Carolina

On December 10, 1718, Stede Bonnet, the “Gentleman Pirate,” was hanged in South Carolina. An unlikely buccaneer, Bonnet was born in 1688 in Barbados, orphaned at a young age and inherited a sizable plantation. By 1715, Bonnet was married and held the rank of major in the militia. In 1717, he gave up his life among the Barbadian planter elite, deserting his family to become a pirate.

Blackbeard’s cannon salvaged from shipwreck off NC

Researchers have raised a 2,000-pound cannon from the wreck of the pirate Blackbeard's ship, which has been on the ocean floor off the North Carolina coast for nearly 300 years.

Blackbeard artifacts exhibit opens at NC museum

Bells, cannon and lead shot are among the items that will be on display when the North Carolina Maritime Museum opens the largest exhibit to date of artifacts from the wreck presumed to be the remains of Blackbeard's flagship.

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