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Monday, June 14, 2021
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Best friends reunited for first time 43 years after serving in Vietnam

More than 40 years after two best friends saw each other for the last time while serving in the Vietnam War, they reunited for the first time in Leland this week.

ONLY ON WWAY: Man reunited with ring years after giving it up

We all have something that means the world to us. Maybe it is a piece of jewelry, a family heirloom, or maybe even baseball cards.

FIRST ON WWAY: A reunion stuffed with love

It was a very warm welcome for a top cop who made headlines earlier this week. Northwest Police Chief Copelen Taylor met up with the young girls he comforted over the weekend.

Navassa kicks off town’s homecoming weekend

If you are looking for something to do there is a lot going on in Navassa this weekend. It is the town's 36th Annual Homecoming Parade and it all started Thursday night.

Former homeless man turns life around, reunites with family for the holiday

WWAY first introduced Frank Lewis during Thanksgiving, when he decided to turn his life around.

Retired military K9 reunites with soldier

Two veterans were reunited Monday at Hobby Airport after two years apart. One, an Army sergeant, the other a golden retriever who saved a lot of lives in Afghanistan by detecting explosives.

Retired Army K9 reunited with handler

video What would you do if you found out that your family pet actually belonged to someone else? A Whiteville woman adopted a retired Army K9 just three weeks ago, and now she’s giving him up to the man she says is his rightful owner.

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Thinner Mints: Girl Scouts have millions of unsold cookies

The Girl Scouts have an unusual problem this year: 15 million boxes of unsold cookies.

Wilmington’s Riverfront Park Amphitheater announces 4 new big name concerts

Wilmington's Riverfront Park Amphitheater dropped four new concert announcements Monday morning, including a September show by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Santana.

Southport Plein Arts Festival to feature live music, art and more

More than 50 artists will be heading to Brunswick County to take part in the Southport Plein Air Festival this weekend.

It’s June 14th: Ten things you didn’t know about Flag Day

To help celebrate the day, we compiled a list of 10 facts you may not know about Flag Day.