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Traveling minister accused of sexual misconduct with boys

A traveling minister accused of sexual misconduct involving teenage boys has been arrested in South Carolina.

South Carolina horse attacks were wild boars, not stabbings

Five of six horses seriously injured or killed in northern South Carolina this fall were attacked by wild boars and had not been shot or stabbed, as initially feared, state police said.

5 horses stabbed or shot in past month in the Carolinas

Horse owners in part of the Carolinas are worried after five horses have been stabbed or shot in the past month.

Former deputy coroner in South Carolina faces sex charges

A former deputy coroner in South Carolina has been arrested on six counts of child sex abuse.

South Carolina minister accused of raping, impregnating child twice

A Baptist minister in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is accused of repeatedly raping and twice impregnating a child, whose pregnancies were then terminated.

Woman killed while trying to push her vehicle out of road

A South Carolina woman has died after her sport utility vehicle rolled onto her as she tried to move it out of the roadway.

Standing naked in window draws charges of indecent exposure

A South Carolina man has been charged with indecent exposure after police say he was photographed standing naked in the window of his apartment.

Woman held captive by South Carolina killer awarded $6.3M

A woman who was chained in a shipping container by a man who killed seven people in South Carolina has won more than $6 million from his estate.

Scammers use employee’s name to take $56,000 from county

A South Carolina county says it paid scammers $56,000 after they pretended to be a county employee.

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